• Our Story

    HealthConnect Pharmacy is part of HealthConnect Inc., which is the corporate amalgamation of businesses we have managed for more than 20 years. We focus on patient care, and we’ve done so for over two decades.

    The pharmacy was launched in 2010 when we realized that we could provide complete and confidential pharmacy care using the resources we already have as a company:

    • A contact centre that provides thousands of Canadians every month with information about medications and nutritionals as well as diseases and conditions
    • Printed materials, like brochures and newsletters, that can help patients better manage conditions such as diabetes or allergies. (Last year we distributed over half a million pieces)
    • Support materials and programs that assist physicians, pharmacists, nurses and other healthcare professionals to help their patients

    We had the infrastructure, so we searched until we found a pharmacist who loves to counsel and help people and applied for our license to operate an accredited pharmacy. Now we can take your prescription orders by phone or online, provide confidential counselling over the phone and ship directly to you.

    Convenience, care and confidentiality – a different way to “pharmacy”.  We know it’s not for everyone, but we believe HealthConnect Pharmacy will meet the needs of those Canadians who are already online and are looking for “a different way to pharmacy”.

    ... of patient care!

    - Support Programs
    - Newsletters
    - Information Brochures